Capital   Small  International  Phonetics English Names of Letters
  A         a    [ a ] a  (farther) a
  B         b    [ b ] b (boy) bi
  C         c    [ tS ] ch  (charm) chi
  D         d    [ d ] d (dance) di
  E         e    [ e ] e (bed) e
  F         f    [ f ] f (fast) fo
  G         g    [ g ] g (garden) go
  H          h    [ h ] h (hard) ho
  I          i    [ i ] i (bit) i
  J          j    [ dz] j (job) jo
  K          k    [ k ] k (keep) ko
  L          l    [ l ] l (long) lo
  M          m    [ m ] m (me) mo
  N           n    [ n ] n (no) no
  O          o    [ o ] o (plot) o
  P           p    [ p ] p (page) po
  Q      q   [ kw ] qu (question) kwi
  R          r    [ r ] r (red) ri
  S         s    [ s ] s (self) so
  T         t    [ t ] t (table) to
  U         u    [ u ] u (put) u
  V         v    [ v ] v (vary) vi
  W         w    [ w ] w (word) wo
  X         x    [ S ] sh (she) shi
  Y         y    [ j ] y (yes) yo
  Z         z    [ z ] z (zoo) zi

There are 26 letters in Mondlango:

Vowels: a  e  i  o  u  

Consonants: b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t v x z. 

semivowels: w y. Semivowels can be combined with vowels to form diphthongs, such as ay[ai], ey[ei], oy[oi], aw[au], ow[ou].

The alphabet of Mondlango is as in English. It therefore contains only letters which are commonly found  on keyboards in many countries. There are no accented letters, so Mondlango can be typed, printed or used on computers  without the slightest difficulty.

The number of syllables in a word is given by the number of vowels. The accent is always on the next to last syllable. For example: Ulango[u'lango], Mondlango[mond'lango].


1. In Mondlango, the letter c is pronounced ch as in "church". 

2. In Mondlango, the letter x is pronounced sh as in "ship".

3.  The letter q is only used for spelling proper names.

4. In Mondlango, each letter represents only one sound, and each sound is represented only by one letter.