Fourth Dialogue

Yi havan radio, cu ne?   You have a radio ,haven't you?

Yes, mi havan.  Yes, I have.

Ne, mi ne havan.   No, I haven't.

Mi anke ne havan gramofono. I don't have a phonograph, either.

Cu ci radio apartenan al yi?  Does this radio belong to you?

Yes,mi pensan ke ji esan. Yes, I think it does.

Kiom da fratinos ay fratulos yi havan? 

How many sisters and brothers do you have?

Cu John havan flava pencilo? Does John have a yellow pencil?

Yes, hi havan. Yes, he does.

Hi havan radio, cu ne?   He has a radio, hasn't he?

Ne, hi ne havan.  No, he doesn't have one.

Hi yam havan gramofono, sed hi ne havan radio yet.

He alrealy has a phonograph, but he doesn't have a radio yet.

Cu tio esan yia libro?   Is this your book?

Ne, ji ne esan mia libro.  No, that's not my book.

Kius libro esan tio?  Whose book is this?

Tio esan yia libro. That's your book.

Kie la pordo esan?  Where's the door?

Tie ji esan.   There it is.

Cu ci libro esan hias?  Is this book his?

kio esan tio ci?  What are these?

Tio ci esan libros. These are books.

Kie esan la libros?  Where are the books?

Tie ju esan. There they are.

Tio ci esan mia pencilos.  These are my pencils.

Kie esan yia plumos?  Where are your pens?

Ju esan tie. They are over there.